5 Facts About Me

Heres a little bit about me.

1. I live in Scotland
2. I have a 1 year old dog called Poppy, shes a king charles spaniel
3. I was born in England, I dont have an english accent though
4. My birthday is the 30th of July 2001
5. I love all sports, I have done alot of sport including snowboarding

I hope you liked these facts and they told you a little bit more about me, hopefully after a while of doing this blog you will get to know me super well😊

About The Little Blogger

This is going to be a blog all about me, an incite to my life if you will, im 13, I want everyone that follows me or anyone that doesnt follow me to ask me questions, and ask for advice, this is going to be a blog that I will update as often as possible, my identity will remain secret until further notice, I hope to help people and I hope everyone will enjoy my blog💗